1. Waimarino Adventure Park safety rules must be adhered to at all times. These can be clarified by Waimarino staff
  2. We are an outdoor watersports focused adventure park. Payment is for entry into our park, and use of our many adventure activities. We have park staff available to assist with safe and correct usage of our activities.
  3. Your children and children in your care are still ultimately your responsibility whilst in our park, and you will still need to supervise them, which will include accompanying them when there are kayaking, depending on their age and ability.
  4. Responsible care will be taken with Waimarino equipment.
  5. Foul language/swearing or belligerent behaviour is not permitted within our park.
  6. Alcohol can be consumed in the private area allocated to your group. Outside of this area, alcohol is not to be consumed. Any intoxicated persons will not be permitted to use any of the Adventure Park activities, and may be asked to vacate the premises. This is solely at the discretion of Waimarino staff & management.
  7. Waimarino is a smoke free environment at all times.
  8. We do not allow portable gas cookers in the Adventure Park, but do have BBQs for hire.

    Group Bookings
  9. Booking is recommended for groups exceeding 20 people. Your booking will be confirmed and an area reserved for your group upon payment of $200 deposit.
  10. Cancellation has to be made in writing via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    1. Cancellation outside 14 days = full refund, minus $50 admin fee.
    2. Cancellation within 14 days = no refund.
    3. Cancellation because of weather conditions = full refund minus $150 admin fee. This is to be consulted with the Waimarino Duty manager. A postponement will not incur any charges.
    4. Cancellation without consulting with the Waimarino Duty manager = no refund.
    5. If Waimarino cancels the booking (due to safety concerns) we will offer a postponement date. If not suitable, a full refund will be issued.
  11. On the day we will keep a tally of people in your group and ask you, the group organiser to settle any outstanding balance. Please confirm the tally with our receptionist on the day, if it is not done you will be charged for the total guests we have noted upon entry. We will not revise our tally figures after the day of the booking.