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Waimarino Education Trust, Having Fun While Learning!

Programmes for children and school groups have been a part of Waimarino’s vision since we opened in 1975, with one of our key aims being to educate and facilitate a lasting, positive relationship with the great outdoors. Since the formation of the Waimarino Education Trust in 2011, Waimarino has been able to educate more young people about water safety, and are thrilled to be able to provide exceptional programmes for schools, families and children in the local community.

One of Waimarino Education Trusts popular programs is our After School Club which runs from 2pm to 6pm from Monday to Friday during the school term. We collect children after school has finished and bring them back to the Waimarino Adventure Park for an action-packed afternoon of fun. Your children are provided with a nutritious and delicious afternoon tea, followed by loads of exciting activities and free play. Every day we offer a different selection of our Adventure Park activities, mixing things up each day to keep everyone busy and experiencing new things. Activities on offer include swimming, kayaking, rock climbing, pedal boating, fishing, diving boards, the Tarzan swing, drift trikes, and much, much, more!

Waimarino Education Trust is also stoked to offer programs during the school holidays to keep your kids active and engaged. No matter what you’re into there is plenty of activities to keep the children busy and having fun, all while still learning. We split our holiday program into two clubs, the first one for Juniors (ages 5-8 years) and the second one for Seniors (ages 9-13 years). Each club has a unique activity every day of the school holidays, which are run both on and off site. Our activities range from raft building and swimming with fish on Matakana Island all the way to tie dyeing t-shirts and laser strike!

Waimarino Education Trust runs School Programmes for students on school camps or participating in Education Outside the Classroom. Waimarino Education Trust offers a wide variety of programmes each aimed to educate the students in a different way. Below are the programme options:

  • Te Tahi Kayak
  • Te Tahiroa Kayak
  • 3D Team Challenge
  • The Maximus
  • The River Hop
  • SUP Board Adventure
  • Park Fun Day
  • BIG Kanu Glow Worm Tour
  • Wairoa River Kayak

All of these programmes will test a group’s strategic decision-making abilities, group awareness, communication skills and time management skills while also learning a lot out themselves and their peers.

Our Waimarino Education Trust also operates a school holiday programme for students aged 5-13 years.  This is separated into 2 clubs – one for juniors (ages 5 – 8 years) and seniors (ages 9-13) each group have different activities on each day of the school holidays. We have a wide range of activities on and off site, which range from raft building and swimming with fish on Matakana Island to tie dyeing t-shirts and laser strike. No matter what you’re into there is plenty of activities to keep the children busy, having fun and while still learning.


LIVE: Teaching children to make the most out of life, accept new challenges, to assess risks and to always put safety first. To face their fear and do it anyway. To always put in 100% and to never give up.

LEARN: By teaching new skills to your children we will build self-esteem, challenge them to discover a higher level of confidence, and help them achieve their goals. Our fantastic staff are chosen not only for their skills in running programs like this but also because they are great role models for the youth of today.

LAUGH: Have fun, make new friends, to laugh and to play. To create lasting memories, friendships & experiences.


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