The Adventure Park Activities

The Blob - Waimarino Adventure Park
how high can you fly?

the blob

Get Blobbed on New Zealand's largest Human Catapult! Jump onto this giant inflatable pillow and make your friends fly! The Blob is the most iconic of all of Waimarino's activities, and is a must do at the Adventure Park!  

UFO Inflatable Trampoline - Waimarino Adventure Park
Climb, Jump and Slide!


This floating trampoline provides hours of fun! Slide off and go for a swim, leap off on to the 'mini blob'!

Waimarino Adventure Park | Boy Kayaking
Paddle Solo or Together


After a quick paddle lesson you are ready to go, paddle a single kayak or partner up and paddle a double!

Waimarino Adventure Park | The Gladiator Pole
knock off your opponent

Gladiator pole

How long will you last? Can you beat the champion? Battle it out on the gladiator pole!

Slip and Slide- Waimarino Adventure Park
Make a Splash

Slip and Slide

Slide down underneath the cargo net and make a splash as you land in the pool at the end! 

Waimarino Adventure Park | Italian Pedallos
Fun for the whole family


Perfect for all ages, the Italian Pedallos offer fun for the whole family. Work as a team to power your boat and navigate your way up the Wairoa River and around the Park.

Hydro Slide Waimarino Adventure Park
Take flight on

The Hydro Slide

Launch off the slide on a foam mat, or slide down in a kayak! (Staff must approve tide level)

Waimarino Adventure Park | Paddling Boarding on Wairoa River
Test your Balance

Paddle Boards

Start on your knees and work your way up to standing. Test your balance and your patience!

Waimarino Adventure Park | Children in The Warm Pool
perfect for the little ones

The warm pool

This small warm pool is perfect for the younger kids. Easy to supervise for the parents!

Waimarino Adventure Park | People Playing Beach Volleyball
test your teamwork

beach volleyball

Dig, set and spike your way to victory! A true test of your teamwork skills. 

Waimarino Adventure Park | Rock Wall
Race your friends

The Rockwall

With four difficulty levels to choose from there is something for everyone. Race your friends to the top, or face your fear of heights and make your way all the way to the top!

Waimarino Adventure Park | Tarazan Rope Swing
Practice your Warrior Cry

The Tarazan Swing

Hold on tight and swing out as far as you can while showing off your best warrior cry! 

Waimarino Adventure Park | Adults on the Low Ropes Course
Can you complete the course?

low ropes

Make your way around this obstacle course, this all ages course is a challenge for most!

Waimarino Adventure Park | The Diving Board
practice your form

diving boards

Show off your diving form, or show us your best manu and create a giant splash!

Waimarino Adventure Park | The Diving Board
Jump around


With safety nets surrounding this spring free trampoline, it is perfect for the younger ones to enjoy! 

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