Traffic Light System- Covid19 Vaccine Pass Requirement

Traffic Light System

We will be entering the Traffic Light System as part of the new Covid19 Protection Framework which comes into effect on December 3rd 2021.
All visitors (aged over 12 years and 3 months), must provide an APPROVED and VALID Covid19 Vaccine Pass to gain access to the Adventure Park and facilities. This includes External Holiday Programme groups. No refunds will be given for tickets purchased for bookings from the 3rd December onwards if people cannot provide this
This includes all visitors to:
Waimarino Adventure Park
Waimarino Kayak Tours
If vaccines were not required, this would severely restrict our operations and would prevent our community from being able to access our facilities.
All customers MUST book online or have a pre-arranged booking- so we can track numbers in the Adventure Park.
  • Those who are fully vaccinated are now able to download a My Vaccine Pass which will can be saved on their devices or can be physically printed.  This can be done through
  • All guests over the age of 12 years and 3 months must prove that they are fully vaccinated with their “My Vaccine Pass”
  • Upon arrival to Waimarino, we will scan the QR code on your “My Vaccine Pass” through the NZ Pass Verifier App.
  • Interim solution for people waiting for their pass – Contact the Ministry of Health- if you have missing vaccination records or incorrect personal details and have not yet received a pass, they will email a temporary exemption letter.  You can use this in place of a My Vaccine Pass until Tuesday 14 December.

Please contact Waimarino if you have any questions.

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