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Launch Yourself into Summer 2020 with the Waimarino Blob and UFO

Here at Waimarino, the Blob and UFO are two of our most popular activities in the park. Whether you’d prefer to chill out and show off your best moves on our floating trampoline UFO or have your friends and family bounce you sky high off our massive blob, there’s something for everyone to enjoy this summer.

Do you want to send your friend or family member flying off a giant inflatable blob? This is the perfect place to do it.

Here at Waimarino the blob is one of our most popular activities in the park, its ideal for thrill seekers and adrenalin junkies. If this isn’t something you think you would enjoy, that’s absolutely fine because it is even enjoyable to stand by and watch. No matter who you are or what your age is, participating or not this activity is entertaining for all members in the park.

One person will sit on the edge of the giant inflatable blob and wait with anticipation and excitement while the jumper will be waiting on high platform above. Once the jumper has landed onto the blob the impact will send the person sitting at the end flying into the sky then back down to do a big splash into the river! The jumper then slides along the blob and sits at the end waiting for the next jumper to send them flying into the sky.

Looking for a slightly more mellow jumping experience, why not try out the UFO?

Double bounce your friends and family on a giant floating trampoline complete with its own mini blob for you to practice your blobbing skills. Laughter can be heard around the park as everybody flocks to the UFO to show off their best trampoline flips and spins with the added excitement of floating on the water. From the UFO you also have the best view in the park of the blob so you can watch your friends getting blobbed from the comfort of your own floating, bouncy viewing platform.

Once you tire yourself out from all the bouncing and flipping you have an array of options for getting off the UFO and making your way back to shore. You could easily jump off the side or utilise the slide and glide off the UFO crashing into the river below, or you could even practice your blobbing and get a friend to bounce you off the trampoline using the attached mini blob and test out how high you can fly!

The blob and UFO at Waimarino are both so much fun you’ll be busy for hours. So launch yourself into summer this year at Waimarino with the blob and UFO, they’re so much fun for everyone, so why not come and join us.

The Blob - Waimarino Adventure Park UFO Inflatable Trampoline - Waimarino Adventure Park

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