Waimarino’s Solar Panels, the Power of the Sun!

Here at Waimairino Group we aim to raise awareness of clean, renewable energy, to our customers, children, parents and the wider community. It has officially been one year since the Waimarino Education Trust Solar Panels have been installed!

This project has been in the works for many years and was finally completed in 2019 with the help of a very generous donation. With a years worth of data we can finally see that we have generated 18.75 Mega Watts of electricity. That power is used by the Waimarino Group and any excess power is sold back to the grid.

The money generated from this goes back into the Waimarino Education Trust; and is invested into the young people that participate in our programmes. Also known as our future leaders.

The money that has been invested into the Waimarino Education Trust is shown in the graph below. As you can see it changes month per month depending on the sunshine hours that the solar panels receive.

So far a total of NZ$4,907.50 has been donated back into the Waimarino Education Trust!

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